PostHeaderIcon Fashion Forecast for 2010 – Animal Prints and More!

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Fearless fashion forecast for 2010 includes three style trends that women are so familiar with. These are the animal prints, vintage look and utilitarian look.

Animal Prints

Spice up your look with animal print dresses, tops, bottoms, bags and accessories for this year. Pick out leopard, zebra or python-prints to accentuate your style. The key is not to overdo it. Choose one piece using this inspiration like a top to go with your jeans or pants or you can also don animal printed peep-toe shoes as your fashion statement.

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Neiman Marcus – DKNY

Vintage Look

Vintage fashion is always a stunning trend to follow. For 2010, retro-inspired pieces are very popular bringing in the 50’s to 80’s era or maybe even beyond. You have so many choices to get that vintage look from wearing bohemian floral dresses, hippie tops, denim jackets, shirt wraps, polka dot prints, lace or scarf dress and a lot more. It will sure be a reminiscent of the classic trends of the past generations.

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Posh Girl Vintage

Utilitarian Fashion

Comfort, urban-chic and no-frills are the concept of the utilitarian fashion. You can wear anything that your father, husband or boyfriend wears like the famous “boyfriend jacket”, white collared tops, loose shirts or hooded jackets to tattered or grunge-looking jeans. All of these pieces are very functional yet can be made feminine by matching it with plain tees, mini-skirts, shorts or leggings. Accessories are also a key element for a utilitarian look.

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